Interface DecoratedFigure

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, DOMStorable, Figure,
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAttributedDecoratedFigure, ImageFigure, LabelFigure, NodeFigure, TextAreaFigure, TextFigure

public interface DecoratedFigure
extends Figure

A decorated figure can be decorated with another Figure, for example to draw a border around the decorated figure.

Design Patterns

Decorated figures can be adorned with another figure.
Component: DecoratedFigure; Decorator: Figure.

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Werner Randelshofer

Method Summary
 Figure getDecorator()
          Gets the decorator for this figure.
 void setDecorator(Figure newValue)
          Sets a decorator Figure, for example a visual adornment to this Figure.
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Method Detail


void setDecorator(Figure newValue)
Sets a decorator Figure, for example a visual adornment to this Figure. Set this to null, if no decorator is desired. The decorator uses the same logical bounds as this Figure plus AttributeKeys.DECORATOR_INSETS. The decorator does not handle events. The decorator is drawn when the figure is drawn.


Figure getDecorator()
Gets the decorator for this figure.