Interface FontChooserModel

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AbstractFontChooserModel, DefaultFontChooserModel, DefaultFontChooserModel.UIResource

public interface FontChooserModel
extends javax.swing.tree.TreeModel

This interface defines the methods components like JFontChooser use to get a font from a font collection or a font family.

FontChooserModel is a TreeModel with the following structure for the tree:

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Method Summary
 boolean isEditable(javax.swing.tree.MutableTreeNode node)
          Returns true if node is editable by the user.
Methods inherited from interface javax.swing.tree.TreeModel
addTreeModelListener, getChild, getChildCount, getIndexOfChild, getRoot, isLeaf, removeTreeModelListener, valueForPathChanged

Method Detail


boolean isEditable(javax.swing.tree.MutableTreeNode node)
Returns true if node is editable by the user. This method returns true, if the node and all its parents are editable.

node - a node in the tree, obtained from this data source
true if node is editable