Package org.jhotdraw.gui.fontchooser

Provides model classes for JFontChooser


Interface Summary
FontChooserModel This interface defines the methods components like JFontChooser use to get a font from a font collection or a font family.

Class Summary
AbstractFontChooserModel AbstractFontChooserModel.
DefaultFontChooserModel DefaultFontChooserModel with a predefined set of font collections.
FontCollectionNode A FontCollectionNode is a MutableTreeNode which only allows FontFamilyNode as child nodes.
FontFaceNode A FontFaceNode is a MutableTreeNode which does not allow children.
FontFamilyNode A FontFamilyNode is a MutableTreeNode which only allows FontFaceNode as child nodes.

Package org.jhotdraw.gui.fontchooser Description

Provides model classes for JFontChooser.