Package org.jhotdraw.samples.svg.figures

Provides the figures for the SVG basic shapes


Interface Summary
SVGFigure SVGFigure.

Class Summary
ConvexHullOutlineHandle Draws the outline of the Figure bounds to make adjustment easier.
LinkHandle The LinkHandle indicates when a figure has a link.
SVGAttributedFigure SVGAttributedFigure.
SVGBezierFigure SVGBezierFigure is not an actual SVG element, it is used by SVGPathFigure to represent a single BezierPath segment within an SVG path.
SVGEllipseFigure SVGEllipse represents a SVG ellipse and a SVG circle element.
SVGGroupFigure SVGGroupFigure.
SVGImageFigure SVGImage.
SVGPathFigure SVGPath is a composite Figure which contains one or more SVGBezierFigures as its children.
SVGPathOutlineHandle A non-interactive Handle which draws the outline of a SVGPathFigure to make adjustments easier.
SVGRectFigure SVGRect.
SVGRectRadiusHandle A Handle to manipulate the radius of a round lead rectangle.
SVGTextAreaFigure SVGTextArea.
SVGTextFigure SVGText.

Package org.jhotdraw.samples.svg.figures Description

Provides the figures for the SVG basic shapes.