Class ConnectionStartHandle

  extended by org.jhotdraw.draw.handle.AbstractHandle
      extended by org.jhotdraw.draw.handle.AbstractConnectionHandle
          extended by org.jhotdraw.draw.handle.ConnectionStartHandle
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.event.KeyListener, java.util.EventListener, FigureListener, Handle

public class ConnectionStartHandle
extends AbstractConnectionHandle

A Handle which allows to connect the start of a ConnectionFigure to another figure.

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Werner Randelshofer

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.jhotdraw.draw.handle.AbstractConnectionHandle
Fields inherited from class org.jhotdraw.draw.handle.AbstractHandle
listenerList, view
Constructor Summary
ConnectionStartHandle(ConnectionFigure owner)
          Constructs the connection handle for the given start figure.
Method Summary
protected  boolean canConnect(Connector existingEnd, Connector targetEnd)
protected  void connect(Connector c)
          Sets the start of the connection.
protected  void disconnect()
          Disconnects the start figure.
protected  int getBezierNodeIndex()
protected  java.awt.geom.Point2D.Double getLocation()
          Returns the start point of the connection.
protected  Connector getTarget()
          Returns the connector of the change.
protected  void setLocation(java.awt.geom.Point2D.Double p)
          Sets the start point of the connection.
Methods inherited from class org.jhotdraw.draw.handle.AbstractConnectionHandle
basicGetBounds, createSecondaryHandles, draw, findConnector, getBezierFigure, getBezierNode, getOwner, getSource, getToolTipText, isCombinableWith, repaintConnectors, setPotentialTarget, trackEnd, trackStart, trackStep
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addHandleListener, areaInvalidated, attributeChanged, contains, dispose, drawCircle, drawDiamond, drawRectangle, figureAdded, figureChanged, figureHandlesChanged, figureRemoved, figureRequestRemove, fireAreaInvalidated, fireHandleRequestRemove, fireHandleRequestSecondaryHandles, fireUndoableEditHappened, getBounds, getCursor, getDrawingArea, getEditor, getHandlesize, getView, invalidate, keyPressed, keyReleased, keyTyped, removeHandleListener, setToolTipText, setView, trackDoubleClick, updateBounds, viewTransformChanged
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Constructor Detail


public ConnectionStartHandle(ConnectionFigure owner)
Constructs the connection handle for the given start figure.

Method Detail


protected void connect(Connector c)
Sets the start of the connection.

Specified by:
connect in class AbstractConnectionHandle


protected void disconnect()
Disconnects the start figure.

Specified by:
disconnect in class AbstractConnectionHandle


protected Connector getTarget()
Description copied from class: AbstractConnectionHandle
Returns the connector of the change.

Specified by:
getTarget in class AbstractConnectionHandle


protected void setLocation(java.awt.geom.Point2D.Double p)
Sets the start point of the connection.

Specified by:
setLocation in class AbstractConnectionHandle


protected java.awt.geom.Point2D.Double getLocation()
Returns the start point of the connection.

Specified by:
getLocation in class AbstractConnectionHandle


protected boolean canConnect(Connector existingEnd,
                             Connector targetEnd)
Specified by:
canConnect in class AbstractConnectionHandle


protected int getBezierNodeIndex()
Specified by:
getBezierNodeIndex in class AbstractConnectionHandle