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Package org.jhotdraw.samples.odg.figures

Changed Classes
ODGBezierFigure ODGBezierFigure is not an actual ODG element, it is used by ODGPathFigure to represent a single BezierPath segment within an ODG path.
ODGEllipseFigure ODGEllipse represents a ODG ellipse and a ODG circle element.
ODGGroupFigure ODGGroupFigure.
ODGPathFigure ODGPath is a composite Figure which contains one or more ODGBezierFigures as its children.
ODGPathOutlineHandle A non-interactive org.jhotdraw.draw.handle.Handle which draws the outline of a ODGPathFigure to make adjustments easier.
ODGRectFigure ODGRect.
ODGRectRadiusHandle A Handle to manipulate the radius of a round lead rectangle.