Class Summary
Bezier Provides algorithms for fitting Bezier curves to a set of digitized points.
BezierPath BezierPath allows the construction of paths consisting of straight lines, quadratic curves and cubic curves.
BezierPath.Node Defines a vertex (node) of the bezier path.
BezierPathIterator This class represents the iterator for a BezierPath.
ConvexHull Provides utility methods for computing the convex hull from a set of points.
Dimension2DDouble Dimension2DDouble.
DoubleStroke Draws a double stroke (an outline of an outline).
Geom Some geometric utilities.
GrowStroke GrowStroke can be used to grow/shrink a figure by a specified line width.
Insets2D Insets2D.
Insets2D.Double The Double class defines insets specified in double precision.
Insets2D.Float The Float class defines insets specified in float precision.
Polygon2D Polygon2D.
Polygon2D.Double The Double class defines a polygon with coordinates stored in double precision floating point.
Polygon2D.Float The Float class defines a polygon with coordinates stored in float precision floating point.
QuadTree<T> A QuadTree allows to quickly find an object on a two-dimensional space.
Shapes Shapes.

Package org.jhotdraw.geom Description

Provides classes for defining and manipulating two-dimensional geometry.