Interface Summary
Arrangeable Arrangeable.
AttributeEditor<T> Interface for a field or any other kind of editor which can be used to edit an attribute of the selected Figures in a DrawingView.
EditableComponent This interface must be implemented by components which are editable.
URIChooser URIChooser provides a mechanism for the user to choose a URI.

Class Summary
DisclosureIcon DisclosureIcon.
EmptyIcon EmptyIcon.
JComponentPopup This is an extension of the Swing JPopupMenu which can be used to display a JComponent in a popup menu.
JDisclosureToolBar A ToolBar with disclosure functionality.
JDisclosureToolBarBeanInfo BeanInfo for JDisclosureButton.
JFileURIChooser JFileURIChooser.
JFontChooser Font chooser dialog.
JLifeFormattedTexAreaBeanInfo BeanInfo for JLifeFormattedTextArea.
JLifeFormattedTextArea JLifeFormattedTextArea.
JLifeFormattedTextField A JFormattedTextField which updates its value while the user is editing the field.
JLifeFormattedTextFieldBeanInfo BeanInfo for JLifeFormattedTextField.
JMDIDesktopPane An extension of JDesktopPane that supports often used MDI functionality.
JPopupButton JPopupButton provides a popup menu.
JPopupButtonBeanInfo BeanInfo for JPopupButton.
JSheet JSheet is a document modal dialog which is displayed below the title bar of a JFrame.
MDIDesktopManager Private class used to replace the standard DesktopManager for JDesktopPane.
PlacardScrollPaneLayout PlacardScrollPaneLayout.
PlacardScrollPaneLayout.UIResource The UI resource version of ScrollPaneLayout.
ToolBarLayout A layout which lays out components horizontally or vertically according to their preferred size.
VerticalGridLayout VerticalGridLayout.
Worker<T> This is an abstract class that you can subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated event dispatcher.

Enum Summary

Package org.jhotdraw.gui Description

Provides general purpose graphical user interface classes leveraging the javax.swing package.