JHotDraw 6.0b1

Class HTMLTextAreaTool

  extended by org.jhotdraw.standard.AbstractTool
      extended by org.jhotdraw.standard.CreationTool
          extended by org.jhotdraw.contrib.TextAreaTool
              extended by org.jhotdraw.contrib.html.HTMLTextAreaTool
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HTMLTextAreaTool
extends TextAreaTool

HTMLTextAreaTool creates or edits HTMLTextAreaFigures.
Only diffreence with TextAreaFigure is that this allows to edit HTML code using a more suitable font than the one defined by the figure.

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.jhotdraw.contrib.TextAreaTool
fEditedFigure, fTextField, fTypingTarget
Constructor Summary
HTMLTextAreaTool(DrawingEditor newDrawingEditor, Figure prototype)
          Constructor for the TextAreaTool object
Method Summary
protected  java.awt.Font getFont(TextHolder figure)
          Gets the font to be used for editing the figure.
Use a simple editing font, easier for HTML editing
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activate, beginEdit, createUndoActivity, deactivate, endEdit, getEditedFigure, getTypingTarget, isActivated, mouseDown, mouseDrag, mouseUp, setEditedFigure, setTypingTarget
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Constructor Detail


public HTMLTextAreaTool(DrawingEditor newDrawingEditor,
                        Figure prototype)
Constructor for the TextAreaTool object

newDrawingEditor - the managing drawing editor
prototype - the prototype for the figure
Method Detail


protected java.awt.Font getFont(TextHolder figure)
Gets the font to be used for editing the figure.
Use a simple editing font, easier for HTML editing

getFont in class TextAreaTool
figure - the figure
The font

JHotDraw 6.0b1