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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Connector

Uses of Connector in org.jhotdraw.contrib

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib that implement Connector
 class ChopDiamondConnector
          A ChopDiamondConnector locates connection points by choping the connection between the centers of the two figures at the edge of a diamond figure.
 class ChopPolygonConnector
          A ChopPolygonConnector locates a connection point by chopping the connection at the polygon boundary.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.contrib that return Connector
 Connector DiamondFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
 Connector PolygonFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)

Uses of Connector in org.jhotdraw.figures

Classes in org.jhotdraw.figures that implement Connector
 class ChopEllipseConnector
          A ChopEllipseConnector locates a connection point by chopping the connection at the ellipse defined by the figure's display box.
 class NullConnector
 class PolyLineConnector
          PolyLineConnector finds connection points on a PolyLineFigure.
 class ShortestDistanceConnector
          A ShortestDistance locates connection points by finding the shortest distance between the start and end of the connection.

Fields in org.jhotdraw.figures declared as Connector
protected  Connector LineConnection.myEndConnector
protected  Connector LineConnection.myStartConnector

Methods in org.jhotdraw.figures that return Connector
 Connector EllipseFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
 Connector PolyLineFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
 Connector RoundRectangleFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
 Connector LineConnection.getEndConnector()
          Gets the end figure of the connection.
 Connector LineConnection.getStartConnector()
          Gets the start figure of the connection.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.figures with parameters of type Connector
 void LineConnection.connectEnd(Connector newEndConnector)
          Sets the end figure of the connection.
 void LineConnection.connectStart(Connector newStartConnector)
          Sets the start figure of the connection.
protected  void LineConnection.setEndConnector(Connector newEndConnector)
protected  void LineConnection.setStartConnector(Connector newStartConnector)

Uses of Connector in org.jhotdraw.framework

Methods in org.jhotdraw.framework that return Connector
 Connector Figure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
          Gets a connector for this figure at the given location.
 Connector Connector.finalizeConnector(boolean start)
          Returns a 'finalized' connector.
 Connector ConnectionFigure.getEndConnector()
          Gets the end Connector.
 Connector ConnectionFigure.getStartConnector()
          Gets the start Connector

Methods in org.jhotdraw.framework with parameters of type Connector
 void ConnectionFigure.connectEnd(Connector end)
          Sets the end Connector of the connection.
 void ConnectionFigure.connectStart(Connector start)
          Sets the start Connector of the connection.

Uses of Connector in org.jhotdraw.samples.net

Methods in org.jhotdraw.samples.net that return Connector
 Connector NodeFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)

Uses of Connector in org.jhotdraw.samples.offsetConnectors

Methods in org.jhotdraw.samples.offsetConnectors that return Connector
 Connector MyEllipseFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
 Connector MyFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
 Connector NodeFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)

Uses of Connector in org.jhotdraw.standard

Classes in org.jhotdraw.standard that implement Connector
 class AbstractConnector
          AbstractConnector provides default implementation for the Connector interface.
 class ChopBoxConnector
          A ChopBoxConnector locates connection points by choping the connection between the centers of the two figures at the display box.
 class LocatorConnector
          A LocatorConnector locates connection points with the help of a Locator.
 class OffsetConnector
          An OffsetConnector locates connection points with the help of an OffsetLocator.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.standard that return Connector
 Connector AbstractFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
          Returns the Figures connector for the specified location.
 Connector DecoratorFigure.connectorAt(int x, int y)
          Returns the Connector for the given location.
 Connector AbstractConnector.finalizeConnector(boolean start)
          Returns a 'finalized' connector.
 Connector OffsetConnector.finalizeConnector(boolean start)
          Returns a newly created OffsetConnector for tracking connectors.
protected  Connector ConnectionHandle.findConnectionTarget(int x, int y, Drawing drawing)
          Finds a connection end figure.
protected  Connector ChangeConnectionHandle.findConnector(int x, int y, Figure f)
protected  Connector ConnectionHandle.findConnector(int x, int y, Figure f)
protected  Connector ConnectionTool.findConnector(int x, int y, Figure f)
protected  Connector ConnectionTool.getEndConnector()
 Connector ChangeConnectionHandle.UndoActivity.getOldConnector()
protected  Connector ConnectionTool.getStartConnector()
protected  Connector ConnectionTool.getTargetConnector()
protected  Connector ChangeConnectionEndHandle.UndoActivity.replaceConnector(ConnectionFigure connection)
protected abstract  Connector ChangeConnectionHandle.UndoActivity.replaceConnector(ConnectionFigure connection)
protected  Connector ChangeConnectionStartHandle.UndoActivity.replaceConnector(ConnectionFigure connection)
protected  Connector ChangeConnectionHandle.source()
          Gets the side of the connection that is unaffected by the change.
protected  Connector ChangeConnectionEndHandle.target()
          Gets the end figure of a connection.
protected abstract  Connector ChangeConnectionHandle.target()
          Returns the target connector of the change.
protected  Connector ChangeConnectionStartHandle.target()
          Gets the start figure of a connection.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.standard with parameters of type Connector
protected  void ChangeConnectionEndHandle.connect(Connector c)
          Sets the end of the connection.
protected abstract  void ChangeConnectionHandle.connect(Connector c)
          Connect the connection with the given figure.
protected  void ChangeConnectionStartHandle.connect(Connector c)
          Sets the start of the connection.
protected  void ConnectionTool.setEndConnector(Connector newEndConnector)
 void ChangeConnectionHandle.UndoActivity.setOldConnector(Connector newOldConnector)
protected  void ConnectionTool.setStartConnector(Connector newStartConnector)
protected  void ConnectionTool.setTargetConnector(Connector newTargetConnector)

JHotDraw 6.0b1