JHotDraw 6.0b1

Uses of Interface

Packages that use DrawingChangeListener

Uses of DrawingChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.contrib.zoom

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib.zoom that implement DrawingChangeListener
 class ZoomDrawingView
          A view that can display drawings at an arbitrary scale.

Uses of DrawingChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.framework

Subinterfaces of DrawingChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.framework
 interface DrawingView
          DrawingView renders a Drawing and listens to its changes.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.framework with parameters of type DrawingChangeListener
 void Drawing.addDrawingChangeListener(DrawingChangeListener listener)
          Adds a listener for this drawing.
 void Drawing.removeDrawingChangeListener(DrawingChangeListener listener)
          Removes a listener from this drawing.

Uses of DrawingChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.standard

Classes in org.jhotdraw.standard that implement DrawingChangeListener
 class NullDrawingView
          This DrawingView provides a very basic implementation.
 class StandardDrawingView
          The standard implementation of DrawingView.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.standard with parameters of type DrawingChangeListener
 void StandardDrawing.addDrawingChangeListener(DrawingChangeListener listener)
          Adds a listener for this drawing.
 void StandardDrawing.removeDrawingChangeListener(DrawingChangeListener listener)
          Removes a listener from this drawing.

JHotDraw 6.0b1