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Packages that use FigureChangeListener

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.contrib

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib that implement FigureChangeListener
 class GraphicalCompositeFigure
          The GraphicalCompositeFigure fills in the gap between a CompositeFigure and other figures which mainly have a presentation purpose.
 class TextAreaFigure
          A TextAreaFigure contains formatted text.
It automatically rearranges the text to fit its allocated display area, breaking the lines at word boundaries whenever possible.
The text can contain either LF or CRLF sequences to separate paragraphs, as well as tab characters for table like formatting and alignment.
Currently the tabs are distributed at regular intervals as determined by the TabSize property.

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.contrib.html

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib.html that implement FigureChangeListener
 class HTMLTextAreaFigure
          An HTMLTextAreaFigure contains HTML formatted text.
Formatting is done internally by a JLabel component, so all display features and constrains that apply for a JLabel apply also for an HTMLTextAreaFigure, including text and images, as in any Web browser, even allowing for contents residing on external Web sources.

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.figures

Classes in org.jhotdraw.figures that implement FigureChangeListener
 class BorderDecorator
          BorderDecorator decorates an arbitrary Figure with a border.
 class ElbowConnection
          A LineConnection that constrains a connection to orthogonal lines.
 class GroupFigure
          A Figure that groups a collection of figures.
 class LineConnection
          A LineConnection is a standard implementation of the ConnectionFigure interface.
 class NumberTextFigure
          A TextFigure specialized to edit numbers.
 class TextFigure
          A text figure.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.figures with parameters of type FigureChangeListener
 void LineConnection.removeFromContainer(FigureChangeListener c)

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.framework

Subinterfaces of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.framework
 interface ConnectionFigure
          Figures to connect Connectors provided by Figures.
 interface Drawing
          Drawing is a container for figures.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.framework that return FigureChangeListener
 FigureChangeListener Figure.listener()
          Gets the Figure's listeners.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.framework with parameters of type FigureChangeListener
 void Figure.addFigureChangeListener(FigureChangeListener l)
          Adds a listener for this figure.
 void Figure.addToContainer(FigureChangeListener c)
          Sets the Figure's container and registers the container as a figure change listener.
 void Figure.removeFigureChangeListener(FigureChangeListener l)
          Removes a listener for this figure.
 void Figure.removeFromContainer(FigureChangeListener c)
          Removes a figure from the given container and unregisters it as a change listener.
 void FigureVisitor.visitFigureChangeListener(FigureChangeListener hostFigureChangeListener)

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw that implement FigureChangeListener
 class AnimationDecorator
 class BouncingDrawing

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.samples.net

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.net that implement FigureChangeListener
 class NodeFigure

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.samples.pert

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.pert that implement FigureChangeListener
 class PertDependency
 class PertFigure

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.standard

Classes in org.jhotdraw.standard that implement FigureChangeListener
 class CompositeFigure
          A Figure that is composed of several figures.
 class DecoratorFigure
          DecoratorFigure can be used to decorate other figures with decorations like borders.
 class FigureChangeAdapter
          Empty implementation of FigureChangeListener.
 class FigureChangeEventMulticaster
          Manages a list of FigureChangeListeners to be notified of specific FigureChangeEvents.
 class StandardDrawing
          The standard implementation of the Drawing interface.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.standard that return FigureChangeListener
static FigureChangeListener FigureChangeEventMulticaster.add(FigureChangeListener a, FigureChangeListener b)
 FigureChangeListener AbstractFigure.listener()
          Gets the figure's listners.
static FigureChangeListener FigureChangeEventMulticaster.remove(FigureChangeListener l, FigureChangeListener oldl)

Methods in org.jhotdraw.standard with parameters of type FigureChangeListener
static FigureChangeListener FigureChangeEventMulticaster.add(FigureChangeListener a, FigureChangeListener b)
 void AbstractFigure.addFigureChangeListener(FigureChangeListener l)
          Adds a listener for this figure.
protected static java.util.EventListener FigureChangeEventMulticaster.addInternal(FigureChangeListener a, FigureChangeListener b)
 void AbstractFigure.addToContainer(FigureChangeListener c)
          Sets the Figure's container and registers the container as a figure change listener.
static FigureChangeListener FigureChangeEventMulticaster.remove(FigureChangeListener l, FigureChangeListener oldl)
 void AbstractFigure.removeFigureChangeListener(FigureChangeListener l)
          Removes a listener for this figure.
 void AbstractFigure.removeFromContainer(FigureChangeListener c)
          Removes a figure from the given container and unregisters it as a change listener.
 void DeleteFromDrawingVisitor.visitFigureChangeListener(FigureChangeListener hostFigureChangeListener)
 void InsertIntoDrawingVisitor.visitFigureChangeListener(FigureChangeListener hostFigureChangeListener)

Uses of FigureChangeListener in org.jhotdraw.util

Classes in org.jhotdraw.util that implement FigureChangeListener
 class GraphLayout

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