JHotDraw 6.0b1

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Tool

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.applet

Methods in org.jhotdraw.applet that return Tool
protected  Tool DrawApplet.createSelectionTool()
          Creates the selection tool used in this editor.
 Tool DrawApplet.tool()
          Gets the current tool.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.applet with parameters of type Tool
protected  ToolButton DrawApplet.createToolButton(java.lang.String iconName, java.lang.String toolName, Tool tool)
          Creates a tool button with the given image, tool, and text

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.application

Methods in org.jhotdraw.application that return Tool
protected  Tool DrawApplication.createDefaultTool()
protected  Tool DrawApplication.createSelectionTool()
          Creates the selection tool used in this editor.
 Tool DrawApplication.getDefaultTool()
 Tool DrawApplication.tool()
          Gets the current tool.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.application with parameters of type Tool
protected  ToolButton DrawApplication.createToolButton(java.lang.String iconName, java.lang.String toolName, Tool tool)
          Creates a tool button with the given image, tool, and text
protected  void DrawApplication.setDefaultTool(Tool newDefaultTool)
 void DrawApplication.setTool(Tool t, java.lang.String name)
          Note: it is inconsistent to directly assign a variable but when using it use it from a method.

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.contrib

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib that implement Tool
 class CompositeFigureCreationTool
 class CustomSelectionTool
          A SelectionTool, which recognizes double clicks and popup menu triggers.
 class NestedCreationTool
 class PolygonTool
          Based on ScribbleTool
 class SplitConnectionTool
 class TextAreaTool
          A TextAreaTool creates TextAreaFigures.
To create a new text area, the user drags a rectangle on the drawing on a free spot.
When releasing the mouse the tool calls the area's editor to enter the text.
If the tool is clicked on an existing area the tool simply calls the area's editor.
When creating a new area, if the user leaves the text empty, the newly created area figure is discarded.

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.contrib.dnd

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib.dnd that implement Tool
 class DragNDropTool
          This is a tool which handles drag and drop between Components in JHotDraw and drags from JHotDraw.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.contrib.dnd that return Tool
protected  Tool DragNDropTool.createAreaTracker()
          Factory method to create an area tracker.
protected  Tool DragNDropTool.createDragTracker(DrawingEditor editor, Figure f)
          Factory method to create a Drag tracker.
protected  Tool DragNDropTool.createHandleTracker(Handle handle)
          Factory method to create a Handle tracker.

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.contrib.html

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib.html that implement Tool
 class HTMLTextAreaTool
          HTMLTextAreaTool creates or edits HTMLTextAreaFigures.
Only diffreence with TextAreaFigure is that this allows to edit HTML code using a more suitable font than the one defined by the figure.

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.contrib.zoom

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib.zoom that implement Tool
 class AreaTracker
          A rubberband area tracker.
 class ZoomAreaTracker
 class ZoomTool

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.figures

Classes in org.jhotdraw.figures that implement Tool
 class BorderTool
          BorderTool decorates the clicked figure with a BorderDecorator.
 class ConnectedTextTool
          Tool to create new or edit existing text figures.
 class ScribbleTool
          Tool to scribble a PolyLineFigure
 class TextTool
          Tool to create new or edit existing text figures.

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.framework

Methods in org.jhotdraw.framework that return Tool
 Tool DrawingEditor.tool()
          Gets the editor's current tool.
 Tool DrawingView.tool()
          Gets the current tool.

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw that implement Tool
 class MySelectionTool
          A SelectionTool that interprets double clicks to inspect the clicked figure
 class URLTool
          A tool to attach URLs to figures.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw that return Tool
protected  Tool JavaDrawApp.createSelectionTool()
 Tool JavaDrawViewer.tool()
          Gets the current the tool (there is only one):

Methods in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw with parameters of type Tool
 void JavaDrawViewer.setTool(Tool newTool)
          Sets the current the tool

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.samples.pert

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.pert that implement Tool
 class PertFigureCreationTool
          A more efficient version of the generic Pert creation tool that is not based on cloning.

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.standard

Classes in org.jhotdraw.standard that implement Tool
 class AbstractTool
          Default implementation support for Tools.
 class ActionTool
          A tool that performs an action when it is active and the mouse is clicked.
 class ConnectionTool
          A tool that can be used to connect figures, to split connections, and to join two segments of a connection.
 class CreationTool
          A tool to create new figures.
 class DragTracker
          DragTracker implements the dragging of the clicked figure.
 class HandleTracker
          HandleTracker implements interactions with the handles of a Figure.
 class NullTool
          Default implementation support for Tools.
 class SelectAreaTracker
          SelectAreaTracker implements a rubberband selection of an area.
 class SelectionTool
          Tool to select and manipulate figures.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.standard that return Tool
protected  Tool SelectionTool.createAreaTracker()
          Factory method to create an area tracker.
protected  Tool SelectionTool.createDragTracker(Figure f)
          Factory method to create a Drag tracker.
protected  Tool SelectionTool.createHandleTracker(DrawingView view, Handle handle)
          Factory method to create a Handle tracker.
protected  Tool SelectionTool.getDelegateTool()
 Tool NullDrawingView.tool()
          Gets the current tool.
 Tool StandardDrawingView.tool()
          Gets the current tool.
 Tool ToolButton.tool()

Methods in org.jhotdraw.standard with parameters of type Tool
protected  void SelectionTool.setDelegateTool(Tool newDelegateTool)

Constructors in org.jhotdraw.standard with parameters of type Tool
AbstractTool.EventDispatcher(Tool newObservedTool)
ToolButton(PaletteListener listener, java.lang.String iconName, java.lang.String name, Tool tool)

Uses of Tool in org.jhotdraw.util

Classes in org.jhotdraw.util that implement Tool
 class UndoableTool

Methods in org.jhotdraw.util that return Tool
protected  Tool UndoableTool.getWrappedTool()

Methods in org.jhotdraw.util with parameters of type Tool
protected  void UndoableTool.setWrappedTool(Tool newWrappedTool)

Constructors in org.jhotdraw.util with parameters of type Tool
UndoableTool(Tool newWrappedTool)

JHotDraw 6.0b1