JHotDraw 6.0b1

Class RedoCommand

  extended by org.jhotdraw.standard.AbstractCommand
      extended by org.jhotdraw.util.RedoCommand
All Implemented Interfaces:
FigureSelectionListener, Command

public class RedoCommand
extends AbstractCommand

Command to redo the latest undone change in the drawing.

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
RedoCommand(java.lang.String name, DrawingEditor newDrawingEditor)
          Constructs a properties command.
Method Summary
 void execute()
          Executes the command.
 boolean isExecutableWithView()
          Used in enabling the redo menu item.
Methods inherited from class org.jhotdraw.standard.AbstractCommand
addCommandListener, createEventDispatcher, createViewChangeListener, dispose, figureSelectionChanged, getDrawingEditor, getEventDispatcher, getUndoActivity, isExecutable, isViewRequired, name, removeCommandListener, setName, setUndoActivity, view, viewCreated, viewDestroying, viewSelectionChanged
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Constructor Detail


public RedoCommand(java.lang.String name,
                   DrawingEditor newDrawingEditor)
Constructs a properties command.

name - the command name
newDrawingEditor - the DrawingEditor which manages the views
Method Detail


public void execute()
Description copied from class: AbstractCommand
Executes the command.

Specified by:
execute in interface Command
execute in class AbstractCommand


public boolean isExecutableWithView()
Used in enabling the redo menu item. Redo menu item will be enabled only when there is at least one redoable activity in the UndoManager.

isExecutableWithView in class AbstractCommand

JHotDraw 6.0b1