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Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.contrib

Subinterfaces of Storable in org.jhotdraw.contrib
 interface Layoutable
          A Layoutable is a target for a Layouter who lays out the Layoutable according to its layout algorithm
 interface Layouter
          A Layouter encapsulates a algorithm to layout a figure.

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib that implement Storable
 class ChopDiamondConnector
          A ChopDiamondConnector locates connection points by choping the connection between the centers of the two figures at the edge of a diamond figure.
 class ChopPolygonConnector
          A ChopPolygonConnector locates a connection point by chopping the connection at the polygon boundary.
 class ComponentFigure
 class DiamondFigure
          A diamond with vertices at the midpoints of its enclosing rectangle
 class GraphicalCompositeFigure
          The GraphicalCompositeFigure fills in the gap between a CompositeFigure and other figures which mainly have a presentation purpose.
 class PolygonFigure
          A scalable, rotatable polygon with an arbitrary number of points Based on PolyLineFigure
 class SimpleLayouter
 class StandardLayouter
          A StandardLayouter contains standard algorithm for layouting a Layoutable.
 class TextAreaFigure
          A TextAreaFigure contains formatted text.
It automatically rearranges the text to fit its allocated display area, breaking the lines at word boundaries whenever possible.
The text can contain either LF or CRLF sequences to separate paragraphs, as well as tab characters for table like formatting and alignment.
Currently the tabs are distributed at regular intervals as determined by the TabSize property.
 class TriangleFigure
          A triangle with same dimensions as its enclosing rectangle, and apex at any of 8 places

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.contrib.html

Subinterfaces of Storable in org.jhotdraw.contrib.html
 interface ContentProducer
          ContentProducer defines the interface for objects capable of producing contents on behalf of a client context.
Primarely based on the Strategy pattern, the purpose of ContentProducers is twofold:
Detach the logic for producing generic content from interested parties so as to maximize reuse, of special interest for complex content Standardize contents by allowing for the automatic decentralization of contents source and production logic.
 interface GeometricFigure
          GeometricFigure defines required of figures that can be used as shape providers for other figures.

Classes in org.jhotdraw.contrib.html that implement Storable
 class AbstractContentProducer
          Base class for the ContentProducers hierarchy
Doesn't do a thing now, but we may need this one later to add generic behaviour.
 class AttributeFigureContentProducer
          AttributeFigureContentProducer provides content for AttributeFigures.
It gives priority to base class supplied values, and if none, then it gets the value from the supplied AttributeContentProducerContext.
 class ColorContentProducer
          ColorContentProducer produces RGB color encoded hexadecimal strings.
Ex: Color.blue ==> 0x0000FF
Color.red ==> 0xFF00FF
It can either be specific if set for a specific color, or generic, encoding any color passed to the getContents method.
 class ContentProducerRegistry
          ContentProducerRegistry acts as a repository for ContentProducers.
 class DiamondFigureGeometricAdapter
          Geometric adapter for the DiamondFigure
 class EllipseFigureGeometricAdapter
          Geometric adapter for the EllipseFigure
 class FigureDataContentProducer
          FigureDataContentProducer produces content on behalf of Figures.
It supports the basic information common to all figures.
 class HTMLColorContentProducer
          HTMLColorContentProducer produces RGB color HTML encoded strings.
Ex: Color.blue ==> #0000FF
Color.red ==> #FF00FF
It can either be specific if set for a specific color, or generic, encoding any color passed to the getContents method.
 class HTMLContentProducer
          HTMLContentProducer produces HTML suitable values and encoded strings for various types of values.
It can also transform values into their HTML equivalents, like for instance a mapping between font sizes in points and the HTML valid font size values.
 class HTMLLayouter
          HTMLLayouter implements the logic for laying out figures based on an HTML template.
 class HTMLTextAreaFigure
          An HTMLTextAreaFigure contains HTML formatted text.
Formatting is done internally by a JLabel component, so all display features and constrains that apply for a JLabel apply also for an HTMLTextAreaFigure, including text and images, as in any Web browser, even allowing for contents residing on external Web sources.
 class PolygonFigureGeometricAdapter
          Geometric adapter for the PolygonFigure
 class ResourceContentProducer
          ResourceContentProducer produces contents from resource in the application's CLASSPATH.
It takes a resource name and loads the resource as a String.
 class RoundRectangleGeometricAdapter
          Geometric adapter for the RoundRectangleFigure
 class TextHolderContentProducer
          TextAreaFigureContentProducer produces text contents from an existing TextHolder figure
It can either be specific if set for a specific figure, or generic, encoding any color passed to the getContents method.
The main usage of this producer is to embed a "master" or "shared" drawing figure into other figures so that updating the master figure automatically changes all dependent figures as well.
 class TriangleFigureGeometricAdapter
          Geometric adapter for the TriangleFigure
 class URLContentProducer
          URLContentProducer produces string contents from URLs.
Anything the URL.openStream() method can get can be retrieved by this producer, that includes resources, local files, web documents, web queries, FTP files, and you name it.
It can either be specific if set for a specific URL, or generic, retrieving any URL passed to the getContents method.

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.figures

Subinterfaces of Storable in org.jhotdraw.figures
 interface LineDecoration
          Decorate the start or end point of a line or poly line figure.

Classes in org.jhotdraw.figures that implement Storable
 class AbstractLineDecoration
          An standard implementation of a line decoration.
 class ArrowTip
          An arrow tip line decoration.
 class AttributeFigure
          A figure that can keep track of an open ended set of attributes.
 class BorderDecorator
          BorderDecorator decorates an arbitrary Figure with a border.
 class ChopEllipseConnector
          A ChopEllipseConnector locates a connection point by chopping the connection at the ellipse defined by the figure's display box.
 class ElbowConnection
          A LineConnection that constrains a connection to orthogonal lines.
 class EllipseFigure
          An ellipse figure.
 class GroupFigure
          A Figure that groups a collection of figures.
 class ImageFigure
          A Figure that shows an Image.
 class LineConnection
          A LineConnection is a standard implementation of the ConnectionFigure interface.
 class LineFigure
          A line figure.
 class NullConnector
 class NullFigure
 class NumberTextFigure
          A TextFigure specialized to edit numbers.
 class PolyLineConnector
          PolyLineConnector finds connection points on a PolyLineFigure.
 class PolyLineFigure
          A poly line figure consists of a list of points.
 class RectangleFigure
          A rectangle figure.
 class RoundRectangleFigure
          A round rectangle figure.
 class ShortestDistanceConnector
          A ShortestDistance locates connection points by finding the shortest distance between the start and end of the connection.
 class TextFigure
          A text figure.

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.framework

Subinterfaces of Storable in org.jhotdraw.framework
 interface ConnectionFigure
          Figures to connect Connectors provided by Figures.
 interface Connector
          Connectors know how to locate a connection point on a figure.
 interface Drawing
          Drawing is a container for figures.
 interface Figure
          The interface of a graphical figure.
 interface Locator
          Locators can be used to locate a position on a figure.

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.javadraw that implement Storable
 class AnimationDecorator
 class BouncingDrawing

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.samples.net

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.net that implement Storable
 class NodeFigure

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.samples.offsetConnectors

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.offsetConnectors that implement Storable
 class MyEllipseFigure
 class MyFigure

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.samples.pert

Classes in org.jhotdraw.samples.pert that implement Storable
 class PertDependency
 class PertFigure

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.standard

Classes in org.jhotdraw.standard that implement Storable
 class AbstractConnector
          AbstractConnector provides default implementation for the Connector interface.
 class AbstractFigure
          AbstractFigure provides default implementations for the Figure interface.
 class AbstractLocator
          AbstractLocator provides default implementations for the Locator interface.
 class ChopBoxConnector
          A ChopBoxConnector locates connection points by choping the connection between the centers of the two figures at the display box.
 class CompositeFigure
          A Figure that is composed of several figures.
 class DecoratorFigure
          DecoratorFigure can be used to decorate other figures with decorations like borders.
 class LocatorConnector
          A LocatorConnector locates connection points with the help of a Locator.
 class OffsetConnector
          An OffsetConnector locates connection points with the help of an OffsetLocator.
 class OffsetLocator
          A locator to offset another Locator.
 class PeripheralLocator
 class RelativeLocator
          A locator that specfies a point that is relative to the bounds of a figure.
 class StandardDrawing
          The standard implementation of the Drawing interface.

Uses of Storable in org.jhotdraw.util

Methods in org.jhotdraw.util that return Storable
 Storable StorableInput.readStorable()
          Reads and resurrects a Storable object from the input stream.

Methods in org.jhotdraw.util with parameters of type Storable
 void StorableOutput.writeStorable(Storable storable)
          Writes a storable object to the output stream.

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