JHotDraw 7.3.1

Package org.jhotdraw.samples.odg.figures

Provides figures for ODG drawings.


Interface Summary
ODGFigure ODGFigure.

Class Summary
ODGAttributedFigure ODGAttributedFigure.
ODGBezierFigure ODGBezierFigure is not an actual ODG element, it is used by ODGPathFigure to represent a single BezierPath segment within an ODG path.
ODGEllipseFigure ODGEllipse represents a ODG ellipse and a ODG circle element.
ODGGroupFigure ODGGroupFigure.
ODGPathFigure ODGPath is a composite Figure which contains one or more ODGBezierFigures as its children.
ODGPathOutlineHandle A non-interactive Handle which draws the outline of a ODGPathFigure to make adjustments easier.
ODGRectFigure ODGRect.
ODGRectRadiusHandle A Handle to manipulate the radius of a round lead rectangle.

Package org.jhotdraw.samples.odg.figures Description

Provides figures for ODG drawings.

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