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Expert's Cube

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Expert's Cube

The cube shows triangular shaped stickers on all faces. In the inital state, all stickers on a given face are oriented in the same direction. Although only black and white colors are used, all corners are unique. This allows only one solution. The number of possible positions of the Expert's Cube is the same as of a regular Pocket Cube: 3'674'160.

The cube layout is related to the Beginner's Cube layout, but with different sticker orientations.

Tip: The Expert's Cube is ideal for creating Tangram like patterns, for example:
B2 R' U R B R' B U' (8 ltm, 8 ftm, 9 qtm)
Ortwin Schenker 2010

The layout of the Expert's Cube was created in 2010 by Ortwin Schenker.

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