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Birch Beam Cube

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Birch Beam Cube

This cube looks like it was cut out right of a birch tree. Once scrambled it can become very difficult to restore the birch bark texture, so that all fits seamlessly.

The layout of the Bereza Cube (береза [bereza], Russian for birch) was created in 2011 by Evgeniy Grigoriev, Juozas Granskas and Grigoriy Roshka. Juozas Granskas came up with the idea of wrapping a beautiful birch bark texture around a cube. The birch, a symbol of Russia, was obviously the first choice for the Russian designers. Photographer Grigoriy Roshka created the 3D texture, that was originally produced for cylindrical shaped 3x3x3 and 3x3x2 cubes. The adaptation for classic, sharp edged cubes was created in 2014 by Walter Randelshofer.

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