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Tribute-to-Escher Cube

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Tribute-to-Escher Cube

This cube shows the cubic projection of an extended M.C. Escher lithograph.

The texture is inspired by the famous M.C. Escher lithograph Relativity, which was first printed in December 1953. Escher's lithograph depicts a world in which the normal laws of gravity do not apply. The architectural structure seems to be the centre of an idyllic community, with most of its inhabitants casually going about their ordinary business. A 3D reconstruction of 'Relativity' can be found on the front face. The other faces are extending the scene and create an extraordinary tribute to M.C. Escher's work.

M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was a Dutch graphic artist, most recognized for spatial illusions, impossible buildings, repeating geometric patterns (tessellations), and his incredible techniques in woodcutting and lithography.

The texture is based on the full CG rendered panorama Tribute to Escher by Nico Roig. Copyright © 2010 Nico Roig. All rights reserved.

The layout of the Tribute-to-Escher Cube was created in 2011 by Evgeniy Grigoriev and Alexey Gurov.

© Walter Randelshofer. All rights reserved.