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RGB Tone Cube

The stickers on the cube show the RGB color model as mapped onto a cube. Red colors are displayed on the first horizontal x-axis with coded values increasing from left to right. Blue colors are displayed on the second horizontal y-axis with coded values increasing from back to front. Green colors are displayed on the vertical z-axis with coded values increasing from bottom to top. The black color origin is located on the backside of the cube, at the intersection of faces B (Back), D (Down) and L (Left).

The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green, and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. The name of the model comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors eg. red, green, and blue. The RGB color model is the most common way to encode colors in computing area, and several different binary digital representations are in use.

An RGB triplet (r,g,b) represents the three-dimensional coordinate of any color point on a given sticker. These values can be represented either in decimal or hexadecimal notation.

The layout of the RGB Tone Cube was created in 2008 by André Boulouard and Walter Randelshofer.

Frontside RGB Values

33FF33 66FF33 99FF33 CCFF33
33FF66 66FF66 99FF66 CCFF66
33FF99 66FF99 99FF99 CCFF99
3399FF 6699FF 9999FF CC99FF
3366FF 6666FF 9966FF CC66FF
3333FF 6633FF 9933FF CC33FF
FF99CC FF9999 FF9966 FF9933
FF66CC FF6699 FF6666 FF6633
FF33CC FF3399 FF3366 FF3333

Backside RGB Values

CC00CC CC0099 CC0066 CC0033
9900CC 990099 990066 990033
6600CC 660099 660066 660033
3300CC 330099 330066 330033
0033CC 003399 003366 003333
0066CC 006699 006666 006633
0099CC 009999 009966 009933
00CCCC 00CC99 00CC66 00CC33
333300 663300 993300 CC3300
336600 666600 996600 CC6600
339900 669900 999900 CC9900
33CC00 66CC00 99CC00 CCCC00
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