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Irish Calendar Cube

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Irish Calendar Cube

This cube is a perpetual calendar. By twisting and rotating it, you can set it to today's date.

The weekday is located at the upper left. It is split into one or two parts. The month in the middle row is abbreviated into three characters. The day is shown at the bottom right.

The layout of the Irish calendar cube was created by Walter Randelshofer.

Irish weekdays

Abbreviated form General form Genitive form English
Luan An Luan Dé Luain Monday
Máirt An Mháirt Dé Máirt Tuesday
Céadaoin An Chéadaoin Dé Céadaoin Wednesday
Déardaoin An Déardaoin Déardaoin Thursday
Aoine An Aoine Dé hAoine Friday
Satharn An Satharn Dé Sathairn Saturday
Domhnach An Domhnach Dé Domhnaigh Sunday

The list starts with the abbreviated form used in calendars. The days of the week generally take the article 'an' as shown in the second form. In the last version the days have the genitive for 'on Monday' etc.

Irish months

Abbreviated form General form English
EANáir Mí Eanáir January
FEAbhra Mí Feabhra February
MARta Mí na Márta March
AIBreán Mí Aibreáin April
BEAltaine Mí na Bealtaine May
MEItheamh Mí an Mheithimh June
IUIl Mí Iúil July
LUNasa Mí Lúnasa August
Meán FOmhair Mí Meán Fómhair September
Deireadh FOmhair Mí Deireadh Fómhair October
SAMhain Mí na Samhna November
NOLlaig Mí na Nollaig December

The months of the year are usually preceded by 'Mí' (month) so one speaks of 'Mí Eanáir' – 'the month of January', etc. 'Mí' requires the genitive case so some changes are required in comparison to the abbreviated form used in calendars.

The Celtic origin is particularly evident in the Irish naming of many of the months: some names, like May (Bealtaine), August (Lúnasa) and November (Samhain) were the names of pagan Celtic festivals. In addition, the names for September and October ('Meán Fómhair' and 'Deireadh Fómhair' respectively) translate directly as 'middle of autumn' and 'end of autumn'. Christianity has also left its mark on the Irish months: December is 'Nollaig', a word also meaning 'Christmastide'.

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