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Astro Cube

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Astro Cube

The Astro Cube displays 6 planets: Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune together with 13 of their largest satellites. Comet Halley is able to orbit around all cube faces. The Sun and the inner planets Mercury and Venus are hidden inside the physical core of the cube.

In any solved state, all 13 satellites are positioned around their respective planets and the comet orbit is an unbroken loop. Up to 36 solved states do actually exist, because Comet Halley can travel to any of the 6 cube faces. In addition, satellites Moon, Io, Titan, Ariel and Triton can be positioned at different spots around their respective planets. Note that the labels of satellites of a same planet share a same and unique color.

Discover astronomical facts, for instance the order of the planets in the solar system by following the comet path. Try to recognize the planets from their images and learn more about the largest 13 satellites in the solar system. The cube also visualizes the very elongated orbit of Halley that enables the comet to travel long distances from Earth (actually from Venus) to Neptune.

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