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Bus Game Cube

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Bus Game Cube

The Bus Game Cube is a game for two to six players driving their own imaginary bus from the 'Start' to the 'End' field and picking up and dropping off passengers.

It's a deterministic game, where players can only discover their fates by following the rules. With alternate rules it can become highly nonlinear, especially when more then two players compete. The fate of the game remains uncertain.

The initial state of the cube displays three closed road loops. Two of them are not accessible from the 'Start', but this is going to change while playing the game.

The layout of the Bus Game Cube was created in 2010 by Stefan Berinde.


Game rules

The journey of your bus begins at the 'Start' field. Try to reach the 'End' field below the bridge faster then your mates. Twist the back face in clockwise direction when you come along a 'B-Sign'. Passengers can enter the bus only on a connected 'Pick Up' of your color and you have to deliver them at the 'Drop Off' with the same color. Then aim for the 'End' field as soon the passengers left the bus. Note that players stop on every connected 'Bus Stop' or 'Drop Off'. Hand over the cube to the next player when you reach your 'Drop Off' color.

Alternative rules

As long there are only three players or less, they can choose up to three colors. But they have to deliver only the passengers they let enter the bus. The players decide freely on which of their 'Drop Off' colors they halt the bus. An other rule would be to hand over the cube only on a 'Drop Off' that doesn't match the players color(s). Then the cube goes to the player of that color. If no player has this color, the next player get's the cube.

Playing the game

The players are choosing their favorite 'Pick Up' colors or let a dice decide. After scrambling the cube, the game can begin. The players are driving now alternately the road until they reach a 'Drop Off' field where they have to hand over the cube to the next player. Before reaching such a field, they may come along other fields such as 'B-Signs'. When a connected 'Pick Up' or 'Drop Off' field is reached, the players write down the bus stop ('Pick Up' or 'Drop Off'), bus stop color, bus state (empty or full) and move direction on their player cards. Now the next player can continue his journey at the field he was pausing the game. The players make sure that they always keep their move directions during the game.

Winning the game

A player has won when he reaches the 'End' field before his mates.

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