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Chinese Bagua Cube

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Chinese Bagua Cube

This cube displays symbols and characters that are usually found on a Chinese Bagua Octagonal Diagram. The Bagua (八卦 bāguà), literally «eight symbols┬╗, is a fundamental philosophical concept in ancient China. In its simplest form, it is generally represented as an octagonal diagram displaying 1 trigram on each of its 8 octagonal sectors.

This cube was designed in 2017 by André Boulouard and Walter Randelshofer.

The Bagua Trigrams

Each of the trigrams consists of three lines, each line either 'broken' or 'unbroken', respectively representing Yin or Yang. Due to their tripartite structure, they are often referred to as 'trigrams' in English.

The trigrams are related to Taiji philosophy, Taijiquan and the Wu Xing, or «five elements». The relationships between the trigrams are represented in two arrangements, the Primordial (先天八卦), «Earlier Heaven» or «Fu Xi» bagua (伏羲八卦), and the Manifested (後天八卦), «Later Heaven», or «King Wen» bagua. The trigrams have correspondences in astronomy, astrology, geography, geomancy, anatomy, the family, and elsewhere.

Trigram Arrangement of the Cube

The Chinese Bagua Cube arrangement is that of «King Wen», or «Later Heaven», for which the South is at the top, the North at the bottom, the East on the left and the West on the right, when looking at the Front face. It is just the opposite of the usual directions we are accustomed to.

Front Face – Yin Yang and 8 Trigrams

Symbol Pinyin Transcription English
Yīnyáng Yin Yang
qián Trigram 1
duì Trigram 2
Trigram 3
zhèn Trigram 4
xùn Trigram 5
kǎn Trigram 6
gèn Trigram 7
kūn Trigram 8

Right Face – Trigram Name

Trigram Name Pinyin Transcription English
卦名 Guàmíng Trigram Name
qián Trigram 1 name
duì Trigram 2 name
Trigram 3 name
zhèn Trigram 4 name
xùn Trigram 5 name
kǎn Trigram 6 name
gèn Trigram 7 name
kūn Trigram 8 name

Top Face – Nature

Nature Pinyin Transcription English
自然 Zìrán Nature
tiān heaven
huǒ fire
léi thunder
fēng wind
shuǐ water
shān mountain

Down Face – Animal

Animal Pinyin Transcription English
动物 Dòngwù Animal
yàng sheep
zhì pheasant
lóng dragon
shǐ pig
gǒu dog
niú cow

Left Face – Personality

Personality Pinyin Transcription English
性情 Xìngqíng Personality
jiàn creative
yuè joyful
dòng arousing
xiàn abysmal
zhǐ stillness
shùn receptive

Back Face – Body Part

Body Part Pinyin Transcription English
身体 Shēntǐ Body Part
tóu head
kǒu mouth
ěr ear
shǒu hand
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