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Circuit Cube

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Circuit Cube

The design of the Circuit Cube reminds of a printed circuit board. Each sticker consists of two non-intersecting signal traces. The centers feature two labled vias (through-hole paths) to connect some hidden electronic components inside the cube. There is also a power supply that provides electricity.

In the initial state the cube displays a single conductive pathway connecting all components in alphabetical order from 'A' to 'L'. The power supply is placed next to via 'A' on the same face.

No matter how scrambled this cube is, one or more closed tracks always exist. The amount of circuits, their forms, lengths, number and order of connected components can vary greatly.

WARNING: Ground yourself to avoid electrostatic discharge before you touch this cube!

Tip: A non trivial game for kids would be to give them a scrambled cube and ask them to identify all groups of letters sharing the same circuit.

The layout of the Circuit Cube was created in 2010 by Stefan Berinde.

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