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Romanian Crossword Cube

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Romanian Crossword Cube

In the inital state this cube displays Romanian three-letter-words on all six faces. By reading them from left to right and from top to bottom a total of 36 words can be discovered. They are either singular and plural nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns. The cube is colored in blue, yellow and red. Identic colors are shown on adjacent faces.

The layout of the Romanian Crossword Cube was created in 2010 by Stefan Berinde and Walter Randelshofer.

The tables below show the words that can be discovered in reading directions from left to right and from top to bottom:

Right face (red)

Romanian English
APT able
RAI heaven
CIP chip
ARC spring
PAI straw
TIP type

Down face (red)

Romanian English
CER sky
ORE hours
TEN complexion
COT elbow
ERE eras
REN reindeer

Front face (blue)

Romanian English
CUB cube
ANI years
LUT clay
CAL horse
UNU one
BIT bit

Left face (blue)

Romanian English
ARS burnt
PUI chicken
EST east
APE waters
RUS Russian
SIT site

Top face (yellow)

Romanian English
ULM elm
NEA snow
SUC juice
UNS anointed
LEU lion
MAC poppy

Back face (yellow)

Romanian English
URS bear
NOU new
TIR shot
UNT butter
ROI swarm
SUR gray
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