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Respect Cube

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Respect Cube

In the initial state every mini sticker on the edges touches one large sticker on a corner or center with the same color. The goal of the Respect Cube is to arrange the stickers in a way that meets this rule.

The layout of the Respect Cube was created in 2014 by Evgeniy Grigoriev.

Cube Facts

1. The Respect Cube only has 4 base colors: orange, red, blue and green.
2. There are 4 sticker sizes: one large size for the corners and centers and 3 smaller sizes for the edges.
3. Each corner and center is colored in one single color.
4. Every edge features 3 mini stickers in different colors.
5. There exist 9 mini stickers for each of the 4 base colors.
6. The colors of the corners and centers are not related to each other.

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