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V-Cube 7 «Dazzler»

The V-Cube 7 «Dazzler» is made up of blue, yellow, red, green, orange, black and white cube parts. Corners and true centers are colored in white.

Blue is opposite to green, red to orange, and yellow to black.

Because of white corners and true centers, opposite faces can be exchanged.

The V-Cube 7 «Dazzler» was invented by Verdes Innovations S.A. and introduced in September 24, 2009 at The cube was sold for a limited time.

Algorithm to exchange opposite faces

T3F2 SR2 · F2 VB2 · R2 SF2 R2 (VR2 MF2)2 (11 btm)
Maneuver: Walter Randelshofer 2005
This algorithm exchanges the faces on the top and bottom.


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