Virtual Cubes

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Orbit Cube

The 7x7x7 cube features a total of 13 orbits, numbered from '00' up to '12'. Orbits from '01' up to '12' show 24 locations each for corner, edge and center stickers. These are lettered from 'A' to 'X'. Orbit '00' shows 6 locations only for true centers, lettered with 'A', 'E', 'I', 'M', 'Q' and 'U'. Thanks to both orbit numbering and sticker lettering, the cube can show how stickers are permuted within their respective orbits and also displays the usually unnoticeable permutations and orientations of centers.

Marked stickers allow for analyzing already known or user-specific algorithms and help in understanding the behaviour of permutated pieces within their orbits.

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