>Lemmings Intro, an Amiga Animation by Psygnosis

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Lemmings Intro

The legendary game, developed 1990 by DMA Design and published 1991 by Psygnosis, was one of the most popular computer games of its time. The enormous success on the Amiga led to its rapid porting to a breath-taking number of other platforms, and is considered to be the most widely-ported video game of all time.

The aim of «Lemmings» is to guide a group of up to 100 cute, little critters through a series of hazard-filled screens. What gamers quickly grew to love was the emergent nature of the gameplay – you often genuinely believed that you had found a unique way of completing a level. Absolute design genius.

The player can give the green-haired Lemmings special skills at appropriate moments, enabling them to build a save path home. Otherwise the dopey little creatures would mindlessly wander 'en masse' into any danger in their path.

Famously, the concept for «Lemmings» came from an animation created by Mike Dailly over a lunchtime, to prove a point about how small a character could be on screen.

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