JHotDraw 7.5.1

JHotDraw 7 is a two-dimensional graphics framework for structured drawing editors.


net.n3.nanoxml Provides a patched version of the NanoXML XML library.
org.jhotdraw.annotations Provides annotations for data integrity checking.
org.jhotdraw.app Defines a framework for document oriented applications and provides default implementations.
org.jhotdraw.app.action Provides abstract actions for document oriented applications.
org.jhotdraw.app.action.app Provides Actions which act on an application object.
org.jhotdraw.app.action.edit Provides Actions which act on the current selection or insertion point.
org.jhotdraw.app.action.file Provides Actions which act on a file.
org.jhotdraw.app.action.view Provides Actions which act on a view.
org.jhotdraw.app.action.window Provides Actions which act on a window.
org.jhotdraw.app.osx Provides classes which are used by OSXApplication
org.jhotdraw.beans Provides an abstract JavaBeans Bean class.
org.jhotdraw.color Classes for working with colors using a variety of color spaces.
org.jhotdraw.draw Defines a framework for structured drawing editors and provides default implementations.
org.jhotdraw.draw.action Provides default actions for structured drawing editors.
org.jhotdraw.draw.connector Provides Connectors for locating the start point and end point of a ConnectionFigure on a Figure.
org.jhotdraw.draw.decoration Provides interfaces and classes for decorating a BezierFigure.
org.jhotdraw.draw.event Provides interfaces and classes for dealing with different types of events fired by components of the drawing framework.
org.jhotdraw.draw.handle Provides Handles for direct manipulation of figures on a drawing view.
org.jhotdraw.draw.io Provides interfaces and classes for reading and writing drawings from/to files, streams, the clipboard and drag-and-drop transfers.
org.jhotdraw.draw.layouter Provides interfaces and classes for laying out the children of a CompositeFigure.
org.jhotdraw.draw.liner Provides interfaces and classes for laying out the path of a BezierFigure.
org.jhotdraw.draw.locator Provides interfaces and classes for locating a point on a figure.
org.jhotdraw.draw.print Provides classes for printing a drawing.
org.jhotdraw.draw.text Provides utility classes for TextHolderFigures.
org.jhotdraw.draw.tool Defines the Tool interface for representing the state of a drawing editor and provides default implementations.
org.jhotdraw.geom Provides classes for defining and manipulating two-dimensional geometry.
org.jhotdraw.gui Provides general purpose graphical user interface classes leveraging the javax.swing package.
org.jhotdraw.gui.datatransfer Provides general purpose clipboard support classes leveraging the java.awt.datatransfer package and the javax.jnlp package.
org.jhotdraw.gui.event Provides general purpose graphical user interface event classes.
org.jhotdraw.gui.fontchooser Provides model classes for JFontChooser.
org.jhotdraw.gui.plaf Provides user interface delegate classes for JHotDraw JComponent's.
org.jhotdraw.gui.plaf.palette PaletteLookAndFeel for components used in the palette windows of a drawing editor.
org.jhotdraw.io Provides input/output functionality leveraging the java.io package.
org.jhotdraw.net Provides classes for network communication.
org.jhotdraw.samples.color A sample programs showing the use of the JHotDraw color classes.
org.jhotdraw.samples.draw A simple drawing editor showcasing the drawing capabilities of the framework.
org.jhotdraw.samples.font Sample classes demonstrating the use of the JHotDraw font chooser component.
org.jhotdraw.samples.mini A collection of very small sample programs, demonstrating a partical feature of JHotDraw.
org.jhotdraw.samples.net A very simple network diagram editor.
org.jhotdraw.samples.net.figures Provides the NodeFigure for network diagrams.
org.jhotdraw.samples.odg An unfinished sample drawing editor with limited support for the OASIS Open Document Drawing 1.1 (ODG) file format as used by Open Office.
org.jhotdraw.samples.odg.action Provides actions for the ODG drawing application.
org.jhotdraw.samples.odg.figures Provides figures for ODG drawings.
org.jhotdraw.samples.odg.geom Provides classes for representing and manipulating ODG geometry.
org.jhotdraw.samples.odg.io Classes for reading and writing drawings using the Open Documeng Graphics file format.
org.jhotdraw.samples.pert An editor for PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) diagrams.
org.jhotdraw.samples.pert.figures Provides the figures for PERT diagrams.
org.jhotdraw.samples.svg A sample drawing editor with limited support for Scalable Vector Graphics Mobile 1.2 (SVG Mobile 1.2).
org.jhotdraw.samples.svg.action Provides actions for editing SVG drawings.
org.jhotdraw.samples.svg.figures Provides the figures for the SVG basic shapes.
org.jhotdraw.samples.svg.gui Provides the Graphical user interface classes for the SVG sample application.
org.jhotdraw.samples.svg.io Classes for reading and writing drawings using the Scalable Vector Graphics SVG Mobile 1.2 file format.
org.jhotdraw.samples.teddy A sample text editor that demonstrates the JHotDraw application framework.
org.jhotdraw.samples.teddy.action Provide actions for the text editor application.
org.jhotdraw.samples.teddy.io Classes for reading and writing text files.
org.jhotdraw.samples.teddy.regex Classes for matching regular expressions in the text editor.
org.jhotdraw.samples.teddy.text Classes for handling text documents in a text editor.
org.jhotdraw.text Provides text formatters for data types used in drawing editor tool bars.
org.jhotdraw.undo Provides undo/redo support leveraging the javax.swing.undo package.
org.jhotdraw.util Contains general purpose utility classes.
org.jhotdraw.util.prefs Contains preferences classes leveraging the java.util.prefs package.
org.jhotdraw.xml Provides simple input and output classes from/to document models (DOM).
org.jhotdraw.xml.css Provides support for cascading style sheets (CSS) in XML DOM.


JHotDraw 7 is a two-dimensional graphics framework for structured drawing editors. It can be used to create many different editors from a simple doodle program up to full fledged diagram editors and vector animation tools.

JHotDraw consists of the following parts:

Drawing Framework
This framework provides the building blocks for the creation of vector drawing editors. It is located in the org.jhotdraw.draw package and its sub-packages.

Application Framework
This framework supports the creation of document oriented applications which want to support platform-specific guidelines of the operating system on which they are being executed. It is located in the org.jhotdraw.app package and its sub-packages.

Sample Applications and Applets
The samples are located in sub-packages of the org.jhotdraw.samples package.

Supporting classes
The supporting classes are located in the remaining packages.

Copyright 1996-2010 (c) by the authors and contributors of the JHotDraw project.
Some rights reserved.