SEQConverter converts Atari CyberPaint Sequence animations into one of the following formats:

  • Amiga IFF ANIM video
  • Microsoft AVI video
  • Apple QuickTime video
  • Amiga IFF ILBM image sequence
  • PNG image sequence

SEQ files contain videos with a size of 320 x 200 pixels, 4 bits per pixel and a fixed frame rate. It can reproduce 16 colors from a palette of 512 colors. The video frames are compressed with a lossless delta-compression method.

The compression ratio of converted videos is currently best with Amiga IFF ANIM files and variable frame rate.The resulting files are comparable in size with SEQ. AVI files QuickTime files are currently about twice the size of an SEQ file. The current version of SEQConverter uses the following settings for exported videos:

  • IFF ANIM: 4 bits per pixel, variable frame rate, anim op 5 "byte vertical" compression.
  • AVI: 8 bits per pixel, fixed frame rate, Microsoft RLE compression.
  • QuickTime: 16 bits per pixel, variable frame rate, Apple RLE "Animation" compression.
  • IFF ILBM: 4 bits per pixel, fixed frame rate, byterun1 compression.
  • PNG: 8 bits per pixel, fixed frame rate, deflate compression.

SEQConverter runs on all operating systems for which Java 6 is available. In case Java is not installed on your computer, you can download it from



Version 0.16


This is an executable Java archive. Download this file, and then double click it to start the program.

240 K

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