TinyLMS - Manual

Create a course from a SCORM content package

  1. Launch TinyLMS.
    This opens a window with disabled controls.
    Only some menu items are enabled.

  2. Select the menu item "File > Open SCORM Content Packageā€¦".
    This opens a file chooser.
  3. If your content package is contained in a .zip file:
    • Select the .zip file which contains the content package.

    If your content package is contained in a folder structure:

    • Select the file imsmanifest.xml in the folder structure.

    Then select the "Choose" button on the file chooser.

  4. TinyLMS closes the file chooser and verifies the content package.
    A message panel is shown when the file has warnings or errors.
    If a warning is shown, you may still create a course from the content package.
    TinyLMS will show you the cause of the problem on the tab labeled "IMS Manifest".
    If the content package has no errors, the controls of the window are now enabled.

  5. Select the menu item "File > Create Courseā€¦".
    This opens a file chooser.
  6. Select an empty folder.
    If there is no empty folder, you can create one using the chooser.

    Select "Choose".
  7. TinyLMS creates the course in the empty folder.
    This creates a number of files and folders in this folder.
  8. Open the file "index.html" using a browser and try out the course.
  9. If the course is fine, you can upload it on your web-server.
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