VelcroFly is a zip utility. It supports the creation of Matryoshka-style nested zip archives, which in some cases reduces the file size up to 40% better than unnested zip archives.

  • Zips directories or files with or without including hidden files.
  • Supports Matryoshka-style nested zipping. The inner zip file is used to combine all files into one single archive (whithout compressing them). The outer zip file compresses the inner archive as a whole. Packing a large number of similar files using this method may reduce the overall size of a zip archive by up to 40 %.
    Nested zip files are compatible with existing zip programs. The only difference is that unpacking involves two steps: first unpack the outer zip archive then the inner.
  • Decompresses the following formats: zip,, tar, tar.gz.


Version 4.3



Installs and launches VelcroFly on all platforms.

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