Computer Science

JavaScript Programming

WebGL Rubik's Cube. An interactive virtual Rubik's Cube written in JavaScript and WebGL.

WebGL Terrain. A basic WebGL example demonstrating hit tests with a terrain.

WebGL Box. A very basic JavaScript and WebGL example demonstrating hit tests with a box.

Scientific Calculator. A scientific calculator written in JavaScript.


Computer Basics

4-Bit Demo Computer by Benno Kurmann and Michael Marti. Simulates the hardware components of a 4-bit computer.

Floating Point. Read a replica of Intels description on how the IEEE 754 floating point format works.
Use my applet to convert real values into the IEEE 754 floating.

Visual Computing

JPBRT is my Java port of pbrt-v2 the "physically-based rendering toolkit" by Matt Pharr and Greg Humphreys.

The 3D Image Laboratory software generates intermediate images between the left and right eye position of a stereo image photo pair.

Visualization of large tree structures. With large, I mean trees with more than 100,000 nodes.


Concept Modeler. A tool for creating interactive online tutorials about conceptual models.

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