Graphical User Interfaces

The Quaqua Look and Feel provides enhancements and fixes for Apple's Java implementation of the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines on Mac OS X.


CubeTwister is your companion to the Rubik's Cube. It provides a database for your cube collection and your maneuver lexicon. All cubes are available as interactive applets which you can include in your web-page.

Education & E-Learning

TinyLMS is a lightweight Learning Management System for SCORM compliant learning content.

SimpleQuestion is an editor and conversion tool for questions in the Moodle GIFT format.

Audio and Video

MultiShow is a multipurpose file viewer for audio, video, images and text. Supports Amiga IFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, QuickTime, PDF and many more file formats.

The Monte Media Libray is an experimental software library for audio and video processing.

SEQConverter converts Atari CyberPaint Sequence animations into animation formats for Amiga, Mac OS X or Windows.

Drawing Editors

JHotDraw 7 is a two-dimensional graphics framework for structured drawing editors.

AnyWikiDraw is a drawing editor applet which can be plugged in to a number of Wikis.


EmbedPDF. Embed a PDF page into a HTML page.

ANIMApplet presents Amiga IFF ANIM files like a QuickTime plugin in a HTML page.

EarthView. View the Earth from any angle you like, create EPS 88 files and import them into your favourite drawing tool.


VelcroFly creates nested Zip archives which can be much smaller than ordinary Zip archives.

Data URI Creator creates an HTML image tag which contains the image data inline as a data URI.

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